Application areas

LogDrill visualizes long term trends and spots the events which influence business decisions. By using it you can take a look at the big picture or at just one particular event you are interested in. Machine Generated Data (MGD) comes from a rich variety of sources and thus provides unlimited ways of interacting and output options of many kinds. Here are some of the areas in which our product can be applied – but do not constrain yourself by this limited sample of ideas:



Unusual activity in the IT environment is often connected to hostile intentions. The bigger IT infrastructure the company has, the harder it is to detect traces of problems. Our log analysis tool is a perfect complementary product to existing network perimeter security systems or Identity Management systems as it enables the reconstruction of events from log files. Thanks to Drag&Drop query it ensures ad hoc queries and gives immediate results supporting interactive root cause analysis to identify and locate the core of the threats and to identify the responsible.


Industrial production and IT maintenance

Large quantities of logs are produced through the core activity of a production company and each IT maintenance system. Log analysis provides important information about the efficiency of production, supports lean management and helps with monitoring of production lines and analyses of the efficiency of employees and other key areas, it also helps to improve the level of security in each IT system. Production can be optimized and the configuration mistakes can be found only if the processes are transparent. This huge amount of information supports maintenance activity only if you can transform them into understandable results – that is why we made dashboard visualization another prior feature of LogDrill.


Real time event monitoring

It is difficult to spot the data patterns which transmit valuable information from the noise of Big Data. LogDrill’s special count-cube logic enables experts to analyse data in the most accurate way, fine tune their queries real time and to identify behavior patterns which answer their questions. The focus is to differentiate between patterns where deviation from the average/regular patterns is acceptable and those peaks that indicate anomalies. This feature makes LogDrill an impressive ‘alarm system’ that may save the company serious sums of money and resources.


Compliance monitoring

It is always a challenge to implement the changes of legal environment and company’s policy in the IT system. This is where LogDrill comes into the picture. You can follow-up the adequacy of your IT system, deal with the changes in authentication and authorization, or prepare either custom-made reports or your own report templates and schedule it on the system with the help of LogDrill.


Transaction analysis

In a fully IT-driven environment all transactions are preserved through machine generated data. Companies can save a serious amount of money by optimizing their ordering processes, better managing their transactions with suppliers, financial monitoring, and improving databases. An other advantage of log analysis is that it allows you to connect information from many different systems to get a full picture of the subject matter. At the end of the day, log-analysis helps to meet customers’ needs more efficiently and also, operational intelligence can be maintained using machine generated data.

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