We offer a state-of-the-art toolkit for IT experts to easily deal with changes: monitoring events, analysing logs, detecting vulnerabilities, managing patches, tracking changes, ensuring compliance, monitoring traffic, controlling access to resources and many more. We created LogDrill as an adaptable, fine-tunable expert tool for identifying the key focus points within these volatile circumstances.


We offer a state-of-the-art toolkit for IT experts to easily deal with changes.


Throughout the past decade of log analysis praxis we have dealt with a whole load of companies, projects, products and challenges in order to find the best route to creating machine generated data (MGD) intelligence. The size, profile and essence of the issues we have seen so far are rather broad but they all underline the fact that data is the king of this new technological revolution. The main issue all companies have to face is that Big Data is no longer a challenge only for the web giants. It has touched all businesses in the past few years and it will continue to shape markets. Trends like cloud computing, virtualization and the wide-spread use of mobile devices are re-shaping the new IT environment in every industry.

These changes bring up a number of new threats that corporate IT infrastructures have to face. A company’s brand name can be tainted forever by identity theft, privacy breaches, denial of service attacks or the elevation of privileges by unauthorized users. Security focused data analysis is a key tool for preventing such losses. On the other hand, technological changes enable a shift which facilitates more entrepreneurial behavior by the management: the ability to build more innovative products, disruptive technologies and super effective strategies. Intelligent expert tools that allow decision-makers to gain in depth knowledge about their business are essential for this process.

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