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We know that success is not a zero sum game. We offer various programs with conditions that can be beneficial to both sides. To distribute the LogDrill software we propose different cooperation alternatives, also we are open for your proposals on the form of further cooperation.

In the first scenario, LogDrill Ltd. enters into a classic Value Added Reseller agreement with the partner. In the second scenario the partner company becomes the Exclusive Value Added Reseller of LogDrill, the sole company entitled to sell licenses or appliances and to offer services. In the third scenario the appointed company would become the sole Distributor in a country, and get the rights to assign other companies to become Value Added Resellers of LogDrill. In order to maintain the privilege of exclusivity, the Exclusive Value Added Reseller and the Distributor of LogDrill has to meet a sales quota. Of course, we plan to work out the commercial terms of these prospective agreements together with the potential partner.


Basic VAR Model

According to the general LogDrill distribution model we conclude a contract between a company and LogDrill Ltd. This company becomes the Value Added Reseller (VAR) of LogDrill. LogDrill Ltd. provides the partner with: LogDrill licenses or appliances, sales & marketing materials, learning material, production support. VAR provides its clients with: implementation and configuration of LogDrill, technical and analytical support, LogDrill expert training. VAR takes part in: marketing activities in cooperation with LogDrill Ltd., collecting information and generating analyses about clients and markets (purchases, use cases, forecasts, business plans) for LogDrill Ltd.


Exclusive VAR Model

In this case a trusted corporation becomes an Exclusive Value Added Reseller and the sole company authorized to resell LogDrill software or appliances in a specific area. Besides the rights and responsibilities of a Value Added Reseller, the Exclusive VAR has: less risk, more opportunities and higher margins on software sales, a sales quota to meet.


Local Distributor

Another option is, when LogDrill Ltd. enters into contract with a company, who becomes the exclusive distributor of LogDrill in a specific area. This company may not provide services the same way as a VAR, because the Local Distributor’s top priority is to enter into contract with other local companies, authorize them, teach them to become Value Added Resellers, and build up a distribution network covering that specific area. The Distributor must forward all information about potential VARs to LogDrill Ltd. in a structured manner, because LogDrill Ltd. supervises the selection of VARs.
LogDrill Ltd. provides for the distributor: LogDrill licenses or appliances, sales materials, learning materials.
Distributor provides: recruiting and selection of VARs, organizing the education of implementation, configuration and use of LogDrill for VARs, organizing marketing activities in cooperation with LogDrill Ltd. to potential VARs and clients, information about VARs and the market (purchases, use cases, forecasts, business plans) for LogDrill Ltd.

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