Product overview

The operational intelligence provided by IT systems is no longer the privilege of the biggest enterprises but an essential tool for every organization in the petabyte age.

LogDrill is an advanced, easy-to-use log analysis tool that applies the latest results of database theory research to effectively and efficiently handle large unstructured machine-generated datasets. LogDrill helps log analysis experts in their everyday assignments with extremely fast data processing, intuitive workflows and versatile usage options, all at an affordable price. LogDrill puts log analysis efforts into new dimensions of speed, convenience and efficiency.

Logdrill Product Overview

Traditional methods are failing or proving to be limited in terms of capacity, flexibility or speed when it comes to handling Big Data challenges. The major obstacles come from the following factors:

Data flows out of IT systems in an ever-growing, unstructured stream. It needs to be analysed in real time otherwise there is no chance of keeping up with the extreme pace that the raw data is being generated. The amount of log records and variety of different log formats is growing extensively whilst the time allowed for analysis is shrinking.

Decision makers often do not recognize the potential and intelligence hidden in the raw data mass they are storing due to the noisy nature of data flow. With the help of LogDrill new questions can be asked and revolutionary answers can be found.

Link bundles of data in an analytical pattern and so provide access to a deeper understanding.

Management should never undervalue the importance of Big Data. Billions of records are produced every day which are caching digital knowledge that can be unfolded by real time analysis. Utilizing the potential offered by intelligent data queries may well result in a business gaining a competitive edge. Data driven decisions remove the role of gut feeling or luck from the decision making process and result in precise operational knowledge.

Besides supporting business decision making processes, the knowledge derived from Big Data can improve the level of a company’s IT security, the efficiency of production, compliance and more.

Traditional methods of fighting cybercrime seem to have their limits. Big Data allows security-conscious organizations to analyse digital evidence of illicit activity in the IT environment. Real time and automatic control of fraud detection, SIEM, user authentication and authorization and network monitoring can be handled by Big Data analysis tools more effectively than ever. Big Data is also used for designing more effective work-flows and creating more stable and predictable continuity of production. Production often depends on information generated by diverse sources. Log Analysis is a tool that makes it possible to link these bundles of data in an analytical pattern and so provide access to a deeper understanding of the process.

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