Industrial companies

Industrial production provides a huge amount of MGD that can be transformed into business intelligence. Decision makers can handle the imperfection of configurations, or support operations. There are lots of examples of the smart and brave use of data analysis in fields that may seem to have no connection to it at all. For example, the Lanworth company (established in 2000) provides natural resource intelligence by monitoring data about biomass supplies. They publish reports and world production predictions. This is an extreme example, of course – but why not think out of the box?



The whole mobile traffic is growing rapidly. In 2011 data traffic amounted to 0,6 Exabytes per month and this was expected to triple by the end of 2013 (to put this into context: an average person hears less than a terabyte of text in a lifetime in total). Analysing big data can support service backend systems and therefore help to improve network quality and detect threats and anomalies.


Large-scale commerce

As we have already mentioned, one of the biggest advantages of log analysis is that it permits the coupling of information from very different sources (e.g. servers, POS systems, databases and custom applications) and therefore allows a business to capture information about connections and correlations in a holistic picture of data intelligence. Transactions among the company and it’s stakeholders (and also, the departments of a company) can be altered to be more efficient.



Consultant companies face the constant pressure of deadlines and the challenge of making accurate estimates and decisions based on them. A fast, flexible analytical tool gives analysts the chance to test more solutions, validate outcomes more precisely and give a more comprehensive insight into the subject of analysis.


Health care

Millions of tests are run to detect diseases during laboratory experiments and research. For example, one current research effort involves experimenting on bones with x-rays to identify patterns of aging. LogDrill can be used for logging events, checking the state of health devices and monitoring and ensuring the privacy of patient records. But it also can help with the management side of health care institutions such as giving insights into applications and devices, identifying security threats and generally providing information for business decisions.


Government Administration

Overgrown bureaucratic systems are typical problems of this sector. Still, systems designed as services for the public good can be improved just like any other IT-based systems. Making them more efficient ultimately benefits society in general and can increase the satisfaction of citizens.

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