LogDrill is easy to integrate. It recognizes all different kinds of log formats by default. Also, experts can define an unlimited number of new log formats on the backend side of LogDrill and expand the range of logs types to be analysed.
While developing LogDrill flexibility was one of our major focus points, therefore we constructed LogDrill adaptable on the output side as well. The outputs of LogDrill analysis queries may be alerts, reports, charts, dashboards or graphs – all of which come in a format that can be handled by the most important analytical tools.

Experts often have their favorite tools that they usually use for further analysis. Making LogDrill as flexible as possible allows them to migrate results into analytical tools which are tailored for a specific subject (like statistics, business intelligence, IT security, compliance, etc.). Of course, the deeper you dig into masses of data, the more complex challenges may appear. In the cases or when you need some extra service or you are dealing with a special issue, contact our expert team. Training programs and personal consultation sessions are offered to all those who are interested.


Flexibility means letting the control go. Since we do not need to oversee the whole analysis process, LogDrill was made to be adaptable to the most analytical tools. For the convenience of the users.

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